To Understand This Dance

Flycatcher No. 2

January 2013

A light writes out
from us and dies
where we cut
our shadow.

Oh hum me to a crest,
so we buzz with each
other's blood...

~Sandra Marchetti, "Silver"

You will be nothing but reaction when you reach.
Follow the scent of your blood home...

~Urvashi Bahuguna, "Culling"

Turkey Vulture
Elizabeth Ellison 

This issue is published in remembrance of Jake Adam York (1972 – 2012),
chronicler of the Civil Rights martyrs, poet of the South, one of our lights

Editor's Letter

Pater Ad Astra  Poetry by Erin Ganaway

Going to Valdosta  Poetry by David King

Cold Mist Burning  Essay by Thorpe Moeckel

Why Some Pelicans Stayed on Breton Island, Before the Hurricane  Poetry by Angelina Oberdan

Tall Timbers Plantation Project  Photo Essay by Beate Sass

Save One  Poetry by Cheryl Stiles

Hide Room  Poetry by Jospeh Bruchac

Edgefield Creek  Poetry by William Wright

Learning to Pray in Spanish  Poetry by Christine Swint

Alice Walks along the Chattahoochee  Poetry by Alyse Knorr

Only a Long Time Ago  Poetry by Eric Thomas Crawford

The River Tarn at Albi  Poetry by Roberta Feins

Rave On Shining Water!  Poetry by George Ellison
with Artwork by Elizabeth Ellison

Whirlpools  Essay by Anna Maria Johnson
with Photography by Steven David Johnson

Eddy Lines  Poetry by John Lane and Michael Delp
with Artwork by Douglas Whittle

Stoneroller in the Hiawassee  Poetry by Christopher Martin

Chelydra Serpentina  Poetry by Rosemary Royston

Culling  Poetry by Urvashi Bahuguna

Listen  Poetry by Kathryn Stripling Byer

Going off the Birth Control Pill  Poetry by Emily T. Smith

Silver  Poetry by Sandra Marchetti

Mistletoe  Poetry by George Ellison
with Artwork by Elizabeth Ellison

Drunk at Kamogawa's Edge  Poetry by Cody Lee Rhodes

The Body 101: Circulation  Poetry by Alice Friman

These Fatals  Poetry by Cheryl Stiles

Dancing Sheep  Poetry by Kendall Klym

Fall Eucharist  Poetry by Rosemary Royston

Why Melancholy Beauty is Best  Poetry by David Budbill

Dejection on Shawnee Trail  Poetry by William Wright

Dark Angels  Poetry by George Ellison
with Artwork by Elizabeth Ellison

Dry Lightning  Poetry by Roberta Feins

Power Outage  Poetry by Jesse Breite

Because the Guy in the Red Pickup Ran Over the Goose on Purpose  Poetry by Tania Rochelle

A Yardman Mourns the Loss of His Brother  Poetry by David King

The Hound  Fiction by Michelle Nichols Wright

Summer Insomnia  Poetry by William Wright

Kaolin Spirits  Poetry by Cody Lee Rhodes

"Surely experience taught him"  Poetry by Alice Friman

Park  Poetry by Tania Rochelle

What was Left Behind  Images by Ellen Fuson

The Last Frost of the Year  Poetry by Emily T. Smith

Alice Recalls the Blizzard of '93  Poetry by Alyse Knorr

The Sacrament  Poetry by Jessica Tyner

Sardines at Whiteside Mountain  Poetry by George Ellison
with Artwork by Elizabeth Ellison

Naturing Field Trip  Poetry by Jenn Gutierrez

Snake  Poetry by David King

Shaman Song  Poetry by Philip Daughtry

Rewilding  Poetry by Tricia Knoll

Woman and Bear  Poetry by James Owens

The Story of Hare and Luwhara  Fiction by Dominica Dipio

Tractors and Tulle  Poetry by Kendall Klym

Red Rocks of Southern Utah  Poetry by Tricia Knoll

Northwest and Inland  Essay by Amaris Ketcham

Alice Shovels Snow off Jenny's Front Steps  Poetry by Alyse Knorr

The Pearls  Poetry by Imani Marshall-Stephen

Deep Creek  Poetry by Susanna Lang

Sport on the Oconaluftee  Poetry by David Oestreich

Loose-leaf in the Great Smokies  Poetry by Caleb Beissert

The View from the Graveyard Overlooking Bryson City  Poetry by George Ellison
with Artwork by Elizabeth Ellison

Fox Blossoms  Fiction by Michelle Nichols Wright

Around the Lake  Essay by Scott A. Singleton

Circumference  Poetry by Jason Lee Miller

Under A. Calder  Poetry by Jesse Breite

Possibilities  Poetry by Diana Anhalt

Two Women: Sekiu  Poetry by Roberta Feins

Last Night in Big Sur  Fiction by Sara Lippmann

Highway 1 and 101 Road Trip Poems  Poetry by Scott T. Starbuck

Ground Truthing  Essay by Jeff Muse

These Clothes Smell Like Smoke  Poetry by Rupert Fike

The Chicken House  Poetry by Sandy Coomer

July Beans  Poetry by Karrissa Knox Sorrell

Landscape  Essay by Cara Ellen Modisett

God's Horses  Poetry by George Ellison
with Artwork by Elizabeth Ellison

Folly Beach  Poetry by Christine Swint

Unfurlings  Poetry by Kathryn Stripling Byer

Fall Creek  Poetry by Joseph Bruchac

Contributor Bios


The Place that Inhabits Us: Poems of the San Francisco Bay Watershed
Reviewed by Molly Spencer

Sharks in the River by Ada Limón
Reviewed by Karen Pickell

The Name of the Nearest River by Alex Taylor
Reviewed by Laurence Stacey

An Easy Place / To Die by Vincent A. Cellucci
Reviewed by Megan Volpert

Smith Blue by Camille T. Dungy
Reviewed by Molly Spencer

Drifting into Darien: A Personal and Natural History of the Altamaha River by Janisse Ray
Reviewed by Beth Giddens

Briefly Noted   

This new section springs from our reviews, featuring notes on books
and other media that might be of interest to our readers.

My Paddle to the Sea by John Lane
Noted by Raymond L. Atkins

Fair Trade: A Human Journey by Éric St.-Pierre
Noted by Kathleen Brewin Lewis

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
Noted by Precious Williams


COVER IMAGE: Beate Sass, from her photo essay "Tall Timbers Plantation Project" published in this issue

TOC BANNER IMAGE: Elizabeth Ellison, "Mistletoe" (a cropped version of her painting that appears in the issue)

BANNER IMAGES THROUGHOUT ISSUE: From Ellen Fuson's "What Was Left Behind," a series of train track images published in this issue (see her artist statement for details on her process)

OTHER BANNER IMAGES: Generally when a given piece in this issue is accompanied by artwork, Ellen's track images are not used as banners; in such cases, these banners are credited by means of the accompanying artwork on the given page.

Writers and artists appearing in Flycatcher
retain all rights to and ownership of their work.
Work in this issue may not be reproduced
without written permission of the given writer/artist.

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