Philip Daughtry

Shaman Song

                 chun-eh chun-eh   way yo chun-eh
                 chun-eh chun-eh   way yu-tah

           I can get there from here I can get there
           with these antlers and deer foot rattle
           I can get back.
           A long time before gasoline
           I followed my tracks under a stone.
           Here brush me with this owl wing
           don’t forget to feed my bones to wolves
           so they can pass me to return
           to show another smoky village
           how closing both eyes and falling down
           is the way across the slippery rocks.
           I’m flying now...see that moon pared so thin
           looks like a tight fit so beat the drum
                    chun-eh chun-eh   way yo chun-eh
                    chun-eh chun-eh  way yu-tah

           and I am smoke from a cougar’s nostrils
           don’t waste a song calling me back
           vanishing is what I do   
           a clever trick learned far from men
           one last thing     
           nobody gets to stick around
           when you feel important just practice
           saying hello and goodbye to yourself
           the back country of desire is not for dreamers
           unprepared to kiss oblivion.

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