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"Perspectives" by Sarah McFalls, from her photo essay in this issue

Flycatcher 1: Winter 2011 / 2012
Where Nothing Dies Long

"The dreaming and the dead are with me everywhere I go. But here, more than any place else, they come and sit beside me."   ~Sharanya Manivannan, "Nine Postcards from the Pondiceherry Border"

"And what is not seen, what is buried in the ground / feeds me, keeps me centered, for it matters // that I am present..."   ~Rosemary Royston, "Deciduous"

Notes on the Beginning: A Monk and a Mountain

In Remembrance: Martina Correia (1967 - 2011)

Inscriptions from Monks Pond

1.    Homily I  Poetry by Erik Reece

2.    Nine Postcards from the Pondicherry Border  Fiction by Sharanya Manivannan

3.    Working Prayer  Poetry by Denton Loving

4.    Relics  Poetry by David King

5.    Sacrilege  Poetry by Jenn Gutiérrez

6.    Feathered Moon  Photography by Sheri Wright

7.    I-Thou  Poetry by Joshua Smith

8.    On Rocks  Essay by Rebecca Vidra

9.    Homily II  Poetry by Erik Reece

10.    Uweyv Nvya  Poetry by Lisa Hodgens

11.    What is Sacred: The Spirit in Place  Essay by Thomas Rain Crowe

12.    Welsh Waters  Poetry by Laura Dabundo

13.    This Place That Has Made Us Kin  Interview with Barbara Brown Taylor

14.    Salve  Poetry by Rosemary Royston

15.    Winter Landscape: Old Roswell Mill  Prose-Poetry by Daniel Beauregard

16.    2 AM  Photography by Lana Stowers

17.    Homesick  Essay by Bobbi Buchanan

18.    Musings as to Why Negroes Don’t Orinthologize Poetry by J. Drew Lanham

19.    Big Hammock of the Altamaha  Photo Essay by Brian Brown

20.    Storing Sand and Feathers  Essay by Susan Cerulean

21.    Seams  Digital Images by Jennifer Martin

22.    They Wear Gray Clothes  Essay by Linda Niemann

23.    On the Crow Reservation  Poetry by Elizabeth Ashe

24.    Voyager  Poetry by Marianne Worthington

25.    Knitbone  Poetry by Linda Parsons Marion

26.     Wake  Poetry by Peter Peteet

27.    To See It   Poetry by Daniel Corrie

28.    Smoking Pot at Armuchee Creek  Poetry by David King

29.    Revelation  Poetry by Linda Parsons Marion

30.    The Visitor  Fiction by Beverly James

31.    Bones  Essay by Donna Steiner

32.    Ghost Ranch, New Mexico  Lyric Essay with Photography by Sally Zaino

33.    1116 North 3rd Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee  Poetry by Marianne Worthington

34.    Tennessee Reimagined  Photo Essay by Sarah McFalls

35.    Burial Ground  Poetry by Brenda Rose

36.    Hard Frost  Poetry by Sally Zaino

37.    Swallow’s Journey  Poetry by Peter Peteet

38.    Peach Stand  Poetry by Karen Paul Holmes

39.    Trace Signature  Essay by Casey Clabough

40.    When You Come  Poetry by Lisa Hodgens

41.    The Monarchs’ Release  Poetry by Hope Coulter

42.    Ruffled, Rakish, Feathered, Flown  Essay with Photography by Trileigh Tucker

43.    Four Prose-Poems from the Abacos Islands  Prose-Poetry by John Lane

44.    Homage to a Maker of Wooden Birds  Poetry by Matthew Haughton

45.    A Message of Rebirth: Hope and Devastation on the Cumberland Plateau  Essay by Holly Haworth

46.    May It Continue  Poetry by Thomas Rain Crowe

47.    Old Man  Fiction by Raymond L. Atkins

48.    Early January in the Mountains  Poetry by Lisa Hodgens

49.    Gahneesah Rising  Poetry by David King

50.    Deciduous  Poetry by Rosemary Royston

51.    Red Lanterns  Poetry by Janisse Ray

Contributor Bios


Dogtown: Death and Enchantment in a New England Ghost Town by Elyssa East
Reviewed by Kristi DeMeester

The Nature Principle by Richard Louv
Reviewed by Rebecca Barria

Mnemonic: A Book of Trees by Theresa Kishkan
Reviewed by Kathleen Brewin Lewis

Gloss by Ida Stewart
Reviewed by Karen Pickell

Eli the Good by Silas House
Reviewed by Sarah Hocut

Weather by Dave Lucas
Reviewed by Karen Pickell


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