Issue 1: Permissions and Technicalities

Writers and artists appearing in Flycatcher retain all rights to and ownership of their work. Work in this issue may not be reproduced without written permission of the given writer/artist. Please write to Flycatcher and we will contact the writer/artist for you.

In some cases, names and descriptions of characters have been changed in pieces of writing in this issue.

The views and opinions expressed within this issue do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of any or all of Flycatcher's editors, but everyone at Flycatcher does respect such views and opinions. The same is true even if the view/opinion is expressed by an editor. Flycatcher disclaims disclaimers as much as anything else.

The banner appearing at various places in this issue is a cropped version of a photograph by Sarah McFalls, and she retains all rights to this image. Likewise with the footer photograph by Lana Stowers that appears in places within this issue.


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