Scott Neely

Morning Hymns

Artist's Statement

Watercolor details, the "Morning Hymns" are a series of posts offered each morning on my website and over social media. They evolved from a series of line drawings entitled "Midnight Poems" posted each night. Both are conceived as music without sound or poems without words. I intend their patterns of line and color, like stanzas, to resonate within their silence. They develop from repeated practice, daily meditations through art.

I work in a range of media, including painting, drawing, and writing. My method balances expression and simplicity. I make visual poems: succinct, present, for the heart. In addition to individual work, I have led literary and visual community projects on issues of diversity, race, and religious pluralism.
Morning Hymn 1
Morning Hymn 2

Morning Hymn 3
Morning Hymn 4

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