Francesca Bell

Housewife’s Meditation

I’m practicing living
large in the three steps
between the chopping board
and my kitchen stove,
in the second
broth begins
its slow simmer,
in the vacuum’s
unyielding suck,
the toilet brush’s
stiff-bristled scrub,
but also in the way
wet sheets surrender
their gravitas to air,
yeasty dough’s rise
overrunning the bounds
of its containment,
the moment after
the apricot ripens
but before it drops
from the tree.
May I live a whole
life here, though
my work is invisible
and always undoing.


Artwork on this page:
Detail of Climbing the giant
63 x 32.5" oil on wood, 2006
Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

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