Sapient Soul


I am a broken light that shines perfectly.

Nothing is missed

or forgotten.

I was made this way.

I carry candles in my pockets.

We all hide our gifts sometimes

but the crackle is still a burn.

I never sashayed to the

rhythm of whistles well,

but these days

my insecurities dance in my tonsils, and

tickle me to freedom

at the audacity of guilt riding my veins.

They are jumping through a field of dandelions now.

I am a child dancing with her father in the forest,

a mother spooning her seed to rest.

There is nothing lost in my seeking.

I have found myself again.

I anchor my soul to your chest.

There is home in your heartbeat.

This is not me being because of you.

This is me being with you.

This is the fragile and bold edge

that we are walking.

Balance does not exist here.

Only trust.

I will catch your light

and cast its shadow.

We were made this way

to shine.

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