Sapient Soul

Fruits of the confederacy

Southern trees bear a strange fruit

Blood on the leaves

And blood at the root

Black bodies swinging in the Southern breeze

Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Billie Holiday, “Strange Fruit”


All of my life

I have lived a neighborhood over

I have sat across from

            The confederacy

I have walked the grounds of a state

In which the flag still blows

Breathing out spirit of confederacy

Flag flown to never forget false legacy

I’ve been told many of times that this flag is not to offend me

That this flag be a remnant of history

But the truth be

That the American flag is allowed to be warped by its own

For red blood crossed in blue is okay for a lighter skin tone

See, I see racism’s attempt

At wearing a mask

You tell me

For how many lost wars have the losers continued to wave their flags


Like suppression and superiority remain deeply embedded within those veins

Like memories of being beaten and bruised for being too black

Sing songs of STRANGE FRUIT to my brain

We live in a world of too many exceptions

And I refuse to accept when

What was wrong then remains wrong now

And I see the now

The now where my education doesn’t mean much

Without having to prove myself beyond my

            Different hair

                        My different perspectives

My unique walk in this life be constantly disrespected

By what should have been buried in 1865

But racism remains alive

See I won’t juke or jive to that Dixie song

For my souls set to a different drum

My ancestral connection will never be done

Ba-Ba-Ba-Bee bopping to my own rhythm of freedom and liberation

I think

Therefore I am

While I be a part of what happened before me

Don’t confuse this poem as a puzzle

As my words spit crystal clear images of frustration

With the ignorance that persists in this land of the free






no lincoln POLITICAL AGENDA attached

And for that

We have the right

                        And we have the honor

                                    To label the confederate’s bearer as IGNORANT

So if it’s all ignorance

Why don’t you tell me

Who’s the nigger now?




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